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Don’t Wait! Auto confirmations to take place on Friday

12 June 2024

Statement by Bronagh Hammond, Director of Communication: Western Cape Education Department

On Saturday morning, the next phase of the 2025 admissions process will be implemented.

The WCED online admissions system will begin to automatically confirm placement for the highest-ranked choice of school in terms of successful applications for Grade 1 and 8 next year.

Parents have been informed that they have until 14 June 2024 to accept or decline places. This would mainly affect parents who had successful applications at more than one school and a choice of which school they would like for their child is now required.

More importantly, however, the auto-confirmation process will immediately indicate to schools where places have been declined, allowing them to now offer places to learners on their waiting list.

As previously indicated on 30 May 2024, thousands of Grade 8 learners had more than one successful application. Once their applications have been confirmed, it will allow over 30 000 spaces to become available to other learners.

We must, however, remind parents that schools are going on holiday for the mid-year break, and therefore there will be a static period for placement. While the wait is stressful, there will be many shifts within the system.  We usually see a lot of activity once schools return for the third term, with offers of placement being made to parents according to their waiting list.

If parents still do not have a place for their child later this year, the Department will assist them with placement options.

What to do if you have not yet applied

The online admissions system is now closed for Grade 1 and 8 applications. However, parents can still apply for 2025 by applying either at one of our Education District offices or at a school. The schools are able to capture your application, however, this does not confirm acceptance.

Parents can please call 0861 819 919 for further advice if required.