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Diaz Primary celebrates their 50th anniversary

Diaz Primary celebrates their 50th anniversary

23 April 2021

Diaz Primary School in Mossel Bay celebrated their 50th anniversary on 14 April 2021 with great fanfare.

The school opened its doors in 1971 after the closure of the Lutheran School due to the Group Areas Act. At least eight of the current staff members attended the school.

In October 2019, the school moved into a new building and on 1 April 2020, Genevieve Muller, reported for duty as the first female principal at the school.

She paid tribute to her predecessors, Messrs. Abrahams, Witboy and Briesies for establishing a culture of caring at the school and inspiring teachers with a passion for education to ensure that the school functioned like a well-oiled machine. Muller also thanked all the former and current staff for their contribution to the school.

“I started at a difficult time at Diaz Primary … in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. From day one, Diaz Primary School crawled under my skin and made me feel totally at ease. The structures and systems that have been put in place over the years will make any newcomer feel calm and secure. How fortunate can one person be to kick off a year with such capable, friendly, energetic teachers?”

She said the school plans on celebrating the special milestone with several events throughout the year. This included special treats for learners and a festive gathering of former staff. To mark the occasion, doves were released along with the hoisting of the school flag.

The school’s motto is "Become a pioneer" and they will continue to strive to do pioneering work in the community.

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Diaz Primary celebrates their 50th anniversary2