CTLI drives appreciation for teachers | Western Cape Education Department
CTLI drives appreciation for teachers

CTLI drives appreciation for teachers

17 November 2022

The Western Education Department’s Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute (CTLI) delivered a series of webinars during the year that focused on Teacher Appreciation.

The final webinar for the year exemplified the essence of appreciation expressed towards teachers. The topic for the evening was Teachers Appreciating Teachers. The webinar had an interesting twist in that a competition was attached to it. Teachers were invited to create an e-poster to appreciate a colleague or team. The winner stood a chance to win a state-of-the-art document camera for the classroom. The attendees in the webinar voted for the winning e-poster from a shortlist of five. The winning e-poster was submitted by Simone Abrahamse from Heathfield Primary School, who celebrated and honoured her colleague, Fatiema Kajie.

Abrahanse met Kajie during her internship at Heathfield Primary School and regards her as a mentor. Four years later, she is working alongside Kajie after securing a position at Heathfield Primary School. “To this day, I am still learning from her and appreciating how she worked her way from teacher, HOD to deputy principal. I thrive to be like her, a strong woman who goes above and beyond for her students and colleagues.”

Granville Stander, director of the CTLI, visited the school to hand over the prize to Abrahamse. In his speech he emphasised the fact that teachers who appreciate and acknowledge each other build social capital that will benefit the school and its community.

The CTLI hopes that the spirit of Teachers Appreciating Teachers will grow and be ignited in all schools in the province.

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