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Courtrai Primary takes values to another level

Courtrai Primary takes values to another level

14 March 2022

Given the hard work that has gone into championing values as an integral part of their learning culture, the leadership and staff of Courtrai Primary School in the Cape Winelands Education District (CWED) are determined to build on the foundations laid in their strong values programme.

“We were adamant not to replace our values system that all role players of our school have so overwhelmingly embraced for the last few years; in fact, if anything, we wanted to strengthen it!” said Jan Brand, principal at Courtrai,
Brand added that in the last term of 2021 all grades were asked for suggestions on how to take their “values education” forward – and that’s where the idea of a values theme for the year was born. Their theme for 2022 is ‘Courage’.

For Brand, this fitted in so well with what they as a school community was going through, namely that as they were moving back to greater normality, given the darkness of the pandemic at times, they were going to need courage as a community to move on. To that end, he challenged his staff and learners to:

  1. Have the courage to make a difference this year – in all aspects, from discipline in class, caring, academics, sport, culture, etc.
  2. Have the courage to try one new thing this year.
  3. Have the courage to participate.

Furthermore, ‘courage’ would also be part of all gatherings in the school hall for each phase to display and engage with.  The school discussed it with parents at the beginning of the year and received positive feedback.

“The challenge will be to keep it rolling and become part of our everyday routine at school,” said Brand. “We’ve even gone as far as appointing a sub-committee to drive all aspects of the theme as part of the school’s Transform to Perform strategy.”