Coding and Robotics Innovation Conference | Western Cape Education Department
Coding and Robotics Innovation Conference

Coding and Robotics Innovation Conference

13 September 2023

The Western Cape Education Department’s inaugural Coding and Robotics Conference was deemed a huge success.

The event on 2 September 2023 at the Cape Teaching and Leadership Institute in Kuils River was designed specifically for educators and was offered an opportunity to gain practical knowledge, network with industry professionals, and experience cutting-edge technologies.

Ashric Don, Deputy Chief Education Specialist: Coding and Robotics, said delegates brought incredible positive energy to the conference. “Their enthusiasm, active participation, and willingness to engage not only enriched the discussions but also created an electric atmosphere. They were the heartbeat of the event.”

Attendees had access to an exciting range of sessions and workshops covering coding fundamentals, robotics competitions, AI applications, and more. Esteemed speakers and experts shared their insights and experiences, while hands-on activities and interactive exhibits allowed delegates to fully engage with coding and robotics tools and technologies.

“The captivating insights and interactive sessions presented by our speakers were a highlight of the conference. The viewpoints shared by the panellists further enriched our understanding of key issues within their respective fields.

“We extend a special thank you to our exhibitors, whose support and contributions added a dynamic dimension to the conference, enhancing the overall experience.”

The Cape Town Science Centre extended their heartfelt thanks to the organisers, Jonathan Freese, Ashric Don and Mathilda Botha, affectionately referred to as Team JAM, for inviting them to be part of the conference.