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#ClassOf2023: Cheating in the matric exams is simply not worth it!

19 October 2023

Statement by Minister David Maynier, Minister of Education Western Cape

As we count down the final days to the start of the 2023 matric exams, we wish to issue a stern warning to candidates regarding cheating and bringing notes or cellphones into their exam sittings.

Every year, matric candidates are asked to sign two documents: a matric pledge, and a commitment agreement.

The matric pledge is a document signed by the candidate, in which they promise to dedicate themselves to their studies for their exams and do their very best, to follow the rules of the exams, and to report any contravention of the rules that they become aware of.

The commitment agreement spells out the rules in detail, as well as the consequences for breaking them. It is signed by both the candidate and their parent or guardian, so that both acknowledge that they are aware of the rules and the consequences. The document also lists the various responsibilities of both the candidate and their parents.

These documents are to be taken very seriously, as the consequences of breaking the rules are severe. The candidate’s results could be nullified, and they could even be barred from writing one to three subsequent examinations, delaying their post-school employment and education. And if a candidate is found to be involved in the leakage of any examination question paper, they could face criminal prosecution.

It is imperative that candidates carefully check their pockets for notes or cell phones before they sit down to write, as “forgetting” that they were carrying these items is unfortunately not an excuse.

Despite the warnings, 33 candidates were found in possession of crib notes or cell phones during the November exams last year. We do not want to see this happen again this year.

Given the severity of these consequences, the message is clear: cheating is simply not worth it.

Matrics will be much better off working hard on their revision for the next few weeks instead, and we wish them all the best as they make their final preparations!

NSC exam pledge (pdf, 196.49 KB)

Media Enquiries:
Kerry Mauchline
Spokesperson to Minister David Maynier
Western Cape Ministry of Education