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Children learn practical ways to secure their future

Children learn practical ways to secure their future

13 December 2023

Eversdal Primary School recently installed an aquaponic system to add agriculture to their Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Coding (STEAMAC) programme.

This innovative method of food production takes up a smaller area and uses very little water compared to traditional cultivated fields, while also allowing a five-fold increase in the number of cultivated plants.

In an aquaponics system, the waste of fish in fish farms is used to feed the plants. This together with millions of microorganisms form an ecosystem.

The waste of the fish provides the necessary nutrients for the plants after the nitrification and mineralization processes, all within a completely organic environment without the use of chemicals.

Predators such as spiders, lizards and geckos form crucial links in the chain of natural pest control.

The end product is not only healthy, but also tastes better because the processes form a natural balance.

This aquaponics system is now an integral part of Eversdal Primary School’s STEAMAC programme.

The system is an approach children can use in future to address issues such as overpopulation and water conservation, to name just a few examples.

Natural Science finds a practical aspect within the curriculum and Mathematics is also used to determine dimensions. The learners can discuss economic and health issues during these classes to promote awareness in the community.

The school attaches great importance to nature conservation and securing a future for humanity. The aim is to ensure that future generations can also experience and enjoy the beauty of nature. Everdsdal offers a unique opportunity to experience nature at school in an understandable and educational way.