Celebrating the Success of the WCED Cyber Effect Ambassador Programme! | Western Cape Education Department
Celebrating the Success of the WCED Cyber Effect Ambassador Programme!

Celebrating the Success of the WCED Cyber Effect Ambassador Programme!

13 September 2023

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has embarked on a journey to capacitate teachers as the advocates and leaders of cyber wellness education in their respective districts and the province.

The Cyber Effect Ambassador Programme is led by a dedicated team in the WCED’s Directorate: eLearning, under the guidance of Gafieza Ismail, Deputy Chief Education Specialist (DCES): eCulture.

Over the three-day programme in July, the remarkable individuals, selected as spokespersons, advocates, and ambassadors for cyber wellness education, have embraced their roles with enthusiasm and dedication.

Ismail said their learning journey has been nothing short of inspiring, as they dove headfirst into the world of cyber wellness facilitated through an extensive blended learning programme, resulting in their eagerness to make a positive impact in their schools and communities.

“Our ambassadors have undergone intensive training, engaging in dynamic content, thought-provoking discussions, and hands-on activities. They have explored the crucial role of cyber wellness in education, the shadow side of online behaviour, cyber psychology, learned about the latest trends and challenges in the digital world, and discovered innovative strategies to integrate cyber wellness into their classrooms and schools. They even spent valuable time designing resources for WCED.”

The conversations and presentations were led by Ismail, Jaco Van Niekerk (DCES: Teacher Professional Development), Gizelle Simpson (Senior Education Specialist: eLearning in the Metro South Education District) and Ismail Teladia (DCES: Life Orientation).

“The growth and responsibility exhibited by our ambassadors will extend far beyond the boundaries of this programme. The intention is for them to emerge as influential voices within the Western Cape, taking the lead in promoting responsible digital citizenship, cyber safety, and ethical online behaviour. These ambassadors have committed to empowering their fellow teachers, learners, and parents to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, integrity, and resilience,” Ismail added.

She extended gratitude the incredible District eAdvisory team who assisted over the three days; namely Melissa Bailey (Metro North), Sipho Didiza (Metro East), Louis Van der Merwe (Overberg), and Samuel Bowers (Eden and Central Karoo), as well as Christelle Barkhuizen (Chief Education Specialist: eLearning), for her leadership and support of this programme.

“Thank you to all who helped make this programme a success. Together, we are building a strong community of cyber wellness advocates, united in our mission to create a positive digital future for all.”

Celebrating the Success of the WCED Cyber Effect Ambassador Programme!2