Calitzdorp HS How one good deed can lead to another

Calitzdorp HS: How one good deed can lead to another

In 2018, the SGB chairperson of Calitzdorp HS, Mr Eugene Malan, saw a need for after-school activities for the learners of his community.

He decided to start a Drama group with learners from Calitzdorp HS and Excelsior VGK Primary School.

However, it soon became apparent that the learners were struggling with their commute to attend the drama group.

One day he was listening to John Maythem's Cape Talk afternoon programme and it was announced that a winning caller may choose an organization in need of a bicycle. So Malan called into the show.

“I was lucky,” said Malan, “Peddle Power contacted me and offered us 7 bicycles!”

“We are very happy and grateful for the donation,” he said. “ Our learners can now use their bicycles to and from school.”

To thank the Pedal Power team, the learners of the drama group did what they do best and presented the team with a short play. The school, as well as the WCED, thanks Pedal Power and the John Maythom team.

Calitzdorp HS How one good deed can lead to another2