Brent Walters comes full circle | Western Cape Education Department
Brent Walters comes full circle

Brent Walters comes full circle

14 April 2021

Superintendent-General (SG) of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), Brent Walters, has returned to the sector where he was first employed as a teacher in 1987.

He taught Mathematics and Physical Science at Livingstone High School for nearly a decade before serving in several senior management positions at various provincial departments. Over the past decade, he served as Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) in the Western Cape Government.

In a letter to schools, Walters said he was pleased to have returned to a department that is united in its approach to education. “The fundamental belief and driving force behind the vocation of teaching remains constant and it is this passion and commitment to serving the learners of this province that unites us all. It is said that teaching is the noblest of the professions because you have to give of yourself in order to give to others and therefore, I want to salute you all for taking this on in the interests of our children.”

Walters added that while he was realistic about challenges like the global pandemic, the socio-economic downturn and the increase in the number of learners in the province, he was extremely positive about the future. “I do not underestimate how resilient and strong our principals, teachers, staff and learners are. The way in which the WCED and our schools reacted and responded to the uncertainty and disruption of last year was commendable. It revealed how determined and committed you are to the WCED’s vision of ensuring quality education for every learner, in every classroom, in every school in the province. It also highlighted how innovative and adaptable our staff, learners and schools can be. This gives me great hope and confidence in what we can achieve together.”

He implored schools to focus on giving learners the best opportunities possible by developing them holistically within the framework of quality education.

“We have been given a sacred trust to ensure that we strive towards quality education for all. Let us work together to achieve it, serving all the learners of this province.”