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Battle of the business brains in Overberg’s online weekly quiz

Battle of the business brains in Overberg’s online weekly quiz

9 September 2020

The top performers in Business Studies from schools across the Overberg Education District challenge each other weekly to determine which school has the brainiest business leaders.

The initiative from the Business Studies Curriculum Adviser in the district is aimed at improving Grade 12 results in the subject and to help learners master the art of essay writing.

As essay questions account for 40 marks in a question paper, it will benefit learners to get the insight of National Senior Certificate (NSC) senior markers to avoid common mistakes. Essay questions test learners’ ability to apply the theory of the subject to real world circumstances.  

Each week, from the beginning of September to 8 October 2020, one of the top teachers, some who have been Senior NSC markers for years, will tutor an essay question, followed by an online quiz which can be done from virtually anywhere using a smart phone.
Each school’s team compete against each other. Each member must complete the quiz, but they can work together as a team. Sessions are online and learners can participate from the school or from home. The link to each session is sent directly to participants via WhatsApp. 

Shaun van der Walt, Curriculum Adviser for Business Studies and Economic and Management Sciences in the Overberg Education District, said the challenge is a great opportunity to prepare for trial and final exams. “I have already received positive feedback from a parent and look forward to working with schools in this regard. The success of this initiative relies on the enthusiasm and commitment in which learner participation is advocated by all.”

Battle of the business brains in Overberg’s online weekly quiz2

Results are made available minutes after each round as the learners are excited to see who won each round. Learners who achieve 100% for the quiz receive a certificate via email and score a bonus three points for their team.

“Learners are having fun with Business Studies while studying and preparing for the exams. Online tutoring enables teachers and Subject Advisers to host short, frequent tutoring sessions on an ongoing basis – with the possibility of working across the entire province. Learners feel more comfortable to engage directly through the online chat facility, which also gets them to express themselves through writing.”