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Back to School for Blouvlei Special Needs School

Back to School for Blouvlei Special Needs School

9 July 2020

For more than four decades, Blouvlei Special Needs School in Retreat has been providing a safe learning environment for children with special educational needs.

Principal Cordelia Romes said they remain committed to continue to do everything possible to keep learners safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The school welcomed learners back on Monday, 06 July 2020 after more than three months due to the nationwide lockdown.

Romes said many parents felt unsure about what to expect. To ease their concerns, the school invited parents of learners with comorbidities to visit the school ahead of the opening so that they could see what measures were in place and what would be expected of the children. Parents were able to make informed decisions and many decided to send their children to school.

Romes said on the first day, learners and staff were visibly nervous in the morning but by the afternoon they were more relaxed. “It was daunting to see that without the regular stimulation and routine of our school day, some learners regressed. Some of the routines they mastered before lockdown, are now forgotten.”

Back to School for Blouvlei Special Needs School2

She admitted that with the safety restrictions, it will take considerable time for learners to return to being the joyful, free-spirited children the staff were used to. “The learners struggled to recognise me with my mask when I visited the classrooms to welcome them back. They need to get used to the routine.”

“It helps when the staff work together. They are doing their utmost to keep everybody safe. We are excited to have the learners back.”