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6th Annual Life Orientation teacher appreciation ceremony

6th Annual Life Orientation teacher appreciation ceremony

26 October 2022

The 6th Annual Life Orientation (LO) teacher appreciation ceremony was held at the Pick n Pay Head Office in Kenilworth on Wednesday, 05 October 2022. The function coincided with World Teachers Day.

Pick n Pay stepped in as our education partner to host the ceremony in their amazing auditorium at their headquarters. Even though the function was held in the morning, teachers still came dressed in stunning outfits.

The appreciation ceremony was truly a celebration of the outstanding work delivered by our teachers. Once again, the LO team secured the services of an array of exceptional speakers who took the audience’s thinking to a higher level.

6th Annual Life Orientation teacher appreciation ceremony2

The theme for this year’s event was to bring back young professionals who had been impacted by LO teachers. In this regard the two guest speakers invited were Dr Kashiefa Kirstnasamy, a medical doctor and former learner of Spine Road High School in Mitchells Plain, and Dr Ronalda Bejamin, a Mathematics lecturer at Stellenbosch University and former learner of De Tuine Primary School in Worcester. Both young ladies come from difficult backgrounds, but teachers played a pivotal role in guiding them. The focus of their presentations was on their journey from those tough neighbourhoods to their current professional positions.

The function was opened by the newly appointed Chief Director: Curriculum Management and Teacher Development, Juan Benjamin, who also gave a motivational talk later in the programme. The welcome was done by a representative from Pick n Pay, the host, and followed by Ismail Teladia, Senior Curriculum Planner for LO in the General Education and Training band, who spoke of the different focus areas of the LO teacher – physical education, comprehensive sexuality education, career planning, character building and psychosocial support. The keynote address was delivered by Haroon Mahomed, Deputy Director-General (DDG). He focused on the pivotal role that LO teachers play in the holistic development of our learners.

6th Annual Life Orientation teacher appreciation ceremony3

Short talks were delivered by Roxanne Haupt from the International Hotel School whose students baked special cookies decorated with World Teacher Day quotes, Alistair Laguma from Blue Ribbon Premier and Michelle Klein from the SAE Institute. These partners donated bags for the teachers, while Pick n Pay donated gift vouchers and snacks to each teacher. Sanlam presented a few prizes, Blue Ribbon Premier sponsored items and Damelin donated stationery.

The teachers appreciated the acknowledgement and affirmation. They were thrilled to be at the function. Teachers from all eight education districts were present and acknowledged. One of Northlink Technical and Vocational Education and Training College’s lecturers, Yasin Johnson, who goes the extra mile to get our learners access to that college and addresses teachers at career expos was also acknowledged.

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LO Subject Advisers were acknowledged for their excellent work. United States Agency for International Development staff were present and the outstanding work done by teachers collaborating with the Education Development Centre in the metro districts was acknowledged. The Programme Director, Dylan Tommy, Principal of Gardens Commercial High School, was brilliant in giving a principal’s perspective of how important LO is in our schools.

There is no doubt that this appreciation function is an important annual event for all LO teachers to the extent that teachers go out of their way to attend. Teachers travelled from across the province to be at the function.

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6th Annual Life Orientation teacher appreciation ceremony6