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Kewtown “family of teachers” feeding programme

Kewtown “family of teachers” feeding programme

13 May 2020

Ebrahim Abrahams and his family were so touched by the plight of less fortunate children in Kewtown, Athlone, during the lockdown that they started feeding them from their own pockets.

The Grade 6 teacher at Kewtown Primary School explained that they are a “family of teachers”. His wife and son teach at Strandfontein High and Alexander Sinton High respectively, one daughter is a lecturer at the University of Cape Town and another daughter is a second year B Ed student at Stellenbosch University.

Abrahams had been saving to buy a car for his daughter when she completed her PhD, however, when the lockdown began, they decided to use some of these funds to feed the hungry. 

“I spoke to my family to start a feeding programme and they supported me. They even contributed.”

The food is cooked at home and pre-packed for delivery. It is then distributed by five women who are connected to his school. Abrahams said the feeding programme would not be possible without these ladies. They started off on the first day of the lockdown with 200 meals, but it quickly grew to 500 meals per day for five days a week.

“My greatest pleasure from this venture was to see the happiness on children's faces whenever I pulled up in the car. They were grateful and would tell me how much they appreciated my gesture. A pensioner sent me the following message: you must not get sick as I do not know what will happen to these children. They are waiting anxiously for you on feeding days.”

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A wonderful act of caring and kindness shown by Mr Abrahams and his family.