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Story Stars

What’s next for Felix and Felicity?

2021 Essay Competition for Grade 4 learners

Calling all educators and schools of the Western Cape!

We are proud to announce that we have a winner for the 2020 Story Stars Essay Competition. Keschrie Booysen from Philadelphia Primary was named the winner and the runners up are in 2nd place Kylie Muller from Mitchell’s Plain Primary and in 3rd Mibono Cekeshe from Volschenk Primary.

We shared their stories in the 2021 Story Stars reader and entry booklet that was delivered to your school at the end of January/beginning February this year.

We are extending the deadline for entries to the end of term, 7 July 2021.

We would like to you to encourage all your Grade 4 learners to enter the competition and for their teachers to submit the best stories in their class.

A rubric for assessment is included in the entry booklet.

To recap, Story Stars is the epic adventure of Felix and Felicity written by learners of the Western Cape and it’s time to send our heroes on their next quest. We want your learners to tell us what happens next?

Watch the latest episode, share it with your class and let’s get writing. Learners will need to write Felix and Felicity’s next chapter with themselves as the hero of the story.


(Subject line: Story Stars Essay Competition 2021)

Hand deliver address:
Edumedia (WCED)
3 Station Road
Cape Town

Office hours: 8am to 3:30pm (Monday - Friday)

There are epic prizes valued at R50 000 for learners, their schools and teachers too!

Like last year the 2021 Winners will receive the following prizes:

In addition to writing, starring in and narrating the video, which will be watched by thousands of learners across the Western Cape, the Story Stars winner also received a tablet, book bag and branded stationery.

The winning school received a R10 000 transfer payment for learning and teaching support material and the teacher, a R2 000 gift voucher, book bag and stationery.

The 2nd and 3rd prize winners each received a tablet, book bag and stationery.


Story Stars 2020 Winners