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Theme 2020: The Year of Functional Schools

Theme 2020: The Year of Functional Schools

14 November 2019

It has become a tradition for the Head of Department to announce the WCED Theme for the next year at the 2019 Provincial Teaching Awards.

On Friday, 8 November, Head of Department Brian Schreuder announced the Theme for 2020: The Year of Functional Schools - Developing a values-driven team.

Mr Schreuder said that theme would continue to build on and celebrate the three pillars of the Transform to Perform Strategy, namely, the Teacher, Values and the Learner.

“Our mission remains clear - to achieve our vision for quality education for every child, in every classroom, in every school in the province. But we cannot do this without having the necessary systems, structures and policies in place. We cannot do this if we do not have supportive and efficient teams,” he said.

Mr Schreuder said that our schools should be values-driven and future-focused with an emphasis on preparing the learner for the 21st century.

“We are preparing the Grade 1’s of 2020 for a future 12 years on – 2032. So we have to continue to innovate, adapt and change, while ensuring that our schools are environments where growth and opportunities are generated.”

Mr Schreuder said that he was sure that our schools would embrace the new theme and what it stands for as they have embraced our previous themes these past three years.

Please see video of the Theme reveal:

The Year of Functional Schools