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Teachers start Facebook group to support remote learning

Teachers start Facebook group to support remote learning

21 April 2020

A group of passionate teachers started a Facebook community to support teachers, parents and learners all over South Africa, as well as, Namibia.

Ashric Don, a Grade 7 teacher at Klapmuts Primary School, said he started a WhatsApp group to support his learners with their school work, but not all of the learners were active on WhatsApp.

“I did some research and stumbled upon a Facebook feature called social learning. It was perfect because it allows me to divide and organize all the grades and activities into different units. The other benefit of Facebook is that it is much more affordable because many networks have Facebook bundles,” said Don.
Don said his goal shifted from just supporting his class to providing support to as many learners, parents and teachers as possible in South Africa.
He said the lockdown and resultant need for remote learning caused a lot of anxiety amongst parents and learners who can be reassured that teachers are still available to guide the learning process. 
“I first shared the idea or vision with my wife, Lauren, and then with some of my colleagues at Klapmuts Primary. Most of them supported the initiative and was eager to contribute. I then reached out and shared this vision with other like-minded teachers.”
Teachers start Facebook group to support remote learning2

The support was initially aimed at learners being taught in Afrikaans but that soon changed after a huge demand for English learning resources as well. Don recruited English teachers to join the initiative and they currently provide support to English and Afrikaans speaking learners in grades 1-7. 
The team consists of 16 passionate teachers from various schools and Don said they would welcome more teachers who would like to contribute.
 “The next phase is to record our lessons and then also to encourage Xhosa speaking teachers, as well as grade 8 -12 teachers, to come on board.”
The Facebook group reached over 800 members from across South Africa and Namibia in its first week and continues to grow.