Schools encouraged to apply for smart water meter subsidy | Western Cape Education Department
Schools encouraged to apply for smart water meter subsidy

Schools encouraged to apply for smart water meter subsidy

18 November 2020

The Western Cape Education Department has assisted numerous schools with financial subsidies to cover the cost to install water metering devices and would like more schools to benefit from this initiative.

A successful pilot project at 350 schools has already resulted in millions of litres of water being saved as well as schools considerably reducing their municipal bills.

All public ordinary schools stand to gain from this water saving initiative. The WCED will assist schools by providing financial subsidies to cover the costs to install water metering devices and support online reporting services that will provide information on water consumption patterns at the school. The water monitoring devices will detect high flow rates or events that otherwise go undetected such as pipe bursts and leaks. The system will generate notifications for possible resolution.

Schools that have already installed smart water meters are benefitting greatly. Mike Mavovana, Principal of Hector Peterson High School in Wallacedene, Kraaifontein, said the school receives daily reports, summarised weekly reports and calls to enquire about excessive water use. “It keeps us on our toes in terms of our water usage and helps us to manage it within our financial resources.”

William Page, Principal of Woodville Primary School in Mitchell’s Plain, said the daily reports were especially useful to detect any wastage or possible leaks. He encouraged other schools to make use of the system. “It won’t necessarily immediately show you any savings, but in the long run, I believe it will do so.”

The WCED subsidy will cover the installation costs for the water monitoring devices and the monthly service fees for an agreed period. Schools will be required
to enter directly into a service contract with a water metering supplier.

To access the subsidy, please send an email to to initiate a check on whether your school meets the required technical conditions.

Visit to see how schools are benefitting from the smart water meters.