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Protea Heights Academy

Protea Heights Academy

1 March 2024

Protea Heights Academy’s holistic approach to education, combined with its commitment to excellence, sets its learners on the path to success.

At the Western Cape 2023 National Senior Certificate Awards, the school was recognised for placing fifth in the category “Greatest percentage increase in the number of subject distinctions”.

Four of the school’s learners, Isuamfon Ekpott, Janevah Gordon, Arabelle Langenhoven and Gemma Segers, were also among the top 40 candidates in the province.

Principal Andrea Coetzer said Protea Heights Academy (PHA) prides itself on its forward-thinking approach and its commitment to excellence in education. The school has a comprehensive strategy for educational planning and learner development, designed to ensure that every learner at PHA is equipped with the knowledge, skills and values needed to succeed.

Coetzer attributed the school’s success to various factors, including strategic subject planning, support for at-risk learners, addressing emotional and social wellbeing, engagement with parents and leveraging technology for collaborative learning.

Educators meticulously complete subject planning for the upcoming year before the end of the preceding year. This proactive approach allowed them to identify at-risk learners early, pinpoint areas of the curriculum that require additional focus and implement targeted interventions.
PHA encourages a positive school culture by maintaining a pristine campus, encouraging learners to wear their uniforms with pride and fostering an environment where bullying is not tolerated. “We believe in stimulating curiosity and promoting open discussions, creating a vibrant and respectful learning atmosphere,” Coetzer added.

Emotional and social wellbeing are crucial for academic success and the school’s approach includes dedicated educators, grade heads, a full-time social worker and counsellor to prioritise the mental and emotional stability of learners.

The school offers extensive leadership opportunities through 34 diverse societies, equipping learners with essential organisational and management skills.

As a Mathematics and Science focus school, all learners at PHA undertake pure Mathematics as a compulsory subject and their elective choices are deeply rooted in the sciences, including Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and the unique offering of Marine Sciences. This specialised curriculum underscores the school’s commitment to fostering a strong foundation in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields, equipping learners with the critical skills and knowledge necessary for success in an increasingly science-driven world.

“We are dedicated to nurturing responsible, well-rounded citizens who are prepared to make meaningful contributions to our country and the world,” Coetzer concluded.

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