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MEC Schafer responds to the ANC's false claims on Amendment Bill

28 June 2018

I have taken note of the opportunism and hypocrisy of the ANC, via a statement by Faiez Jacobs on a proposed provision within the Western Cape Provincial Schools Education Amendment Bill.

The Bill seeks to regulate adult functions that take place on school premises after school hours, where alcohol may be consumed.

Let us better regulate what is already happening and not try to limit adult choices exercised in a responsible manner.

To underscore the hypocrisy of Mr Jacobs and his party, why is it that one of the ANC's own branches recently advertised for a fundraiser for the Ward 6 ANC branch at Luckhoff High School in Stellenbosch, telling people to "bring their own xyz"? (Copy of the advert is attached).

I think it is fair to say that "xyz" is commonly used to refer to drinks, which include alcoholic drinks.

Once again the ANC's weak issue-driving falls flat under the weight of their own hypocrisy.

The fact is the Bill has nothing to do with school hours, and nothing to do with learners. It seeks to regulate adult choices, at adult functions, after hours - which often have fundraising benefits to schools.

Even the ANC's own branches agree that there is nothing sensational about this.