Mass Iftaar (Boeka) at Strand Moslem Primary | Western Cape Education Department
Mass Iftaar (Boeka) at Strand Moslem Primary

Mass Iftaar (Boeka) at Strand Moslem Primary

18 May 2022

On Sunday, 17 April 2022, a Mass Iftaar was held in conjunction with the Strand Muslim Council’s bicentennial celebrations, to celebrate the 200th year of existence of the Islamic community in Strand.

The purpose of the Iftaar was to celebrate this milestone and achievement and also to commemorate the 15th of the month of Ramadhaan. Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to get families, as well as the community together all in celebration and commemoration of the most sacred month of the Islamic year. It was also an opportunity to feed the less fortunate learners and families from the school’s community.

The event was successfully executed with approximately 1 200 people in attendance and about 1 800 viewers followed the event online.

The school received generous donations from the community in the form of funds, savouries, beverages and treats for the children.

Mass Iftaar (Boeka) at Strand Moslem Primary2