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Interdict granted against disruption of Blueridge school construction

28 November 2023

Statement by Minister David Maynier, Minister of Education Western Cape

The Western Cape High Court has issued an interim interdict to end the intimidation, criminal damage, and disruption of the construction of two schools on a portion of the Blueridge Sports Grounds.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) and the City of Cape Town approached the Court on an urgent basis, given the dire need for places in schools in Wallacedene.

Construction at the site has been repeatedly disrupted by a group of individuals, some of whom are allegedly members of or affiliated to the Oostenberg Football Club. These individuals have engaged in unlawful acts of damage to property, harassment, and intimidation, which has prevented a school from being lawfully constructed on the property.

The plan for the property includes a primary school and a high school, which together will cater for 2 240 learners once completed. The schools form part of the WCED’s Rapid School Build, which aims to build safe, beautiful schools in areas where there is high demand for placement.  

In addition, the City of Cape Town plans to upgrade four soccer fields at the Sports Grounds, with the addition of floodlights, changing rooms and a multi-purpose sports hall that will be utilised by both the schools and the public.

The order interdicts the Oostenberg Football Association, all members and persons who associate with it and its aims, and those whose identities are not yet known, from unlawful acts including blocking access to the site, damaging equipment and facilities, trespassing, intimidation, harassment, assault, incitement of unlawful and disruptive conduct, and incitement of violence.

Western Cape Minister of Education, David Maynier, emphasised the serious toll that the disruption has had on the Rapid School Build programme, saying:

“We cannot allow a small group of individuals to unlawfully prevent us from building schools that are desperately needed and wanted by the community. Children have a constitutional right to basic education, and this group is taking that right away from over 2 000 learners for whom place is urgently needed. We will not allow this group to hold our children’s future hostage.”

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis welcomed the issuing of the interdict, saying:

We welcome the High Court’s granting of this order protecting the critical construction work underway to ensure a quality education for learners. We are pleased that the rights of learners were upheld by the court as a result of this joint application by the Western Cape Government and City. We will ensure that law enforcement will monitor the area to enforce the order.”

Order - Blueridge (pdf, 2.05 MB)

Media Enquiries:
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