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National Senior Certificate (NSC) Exams

NSC Examinations | November 2023

Examination Helpline: Monday – Friday | 07:30 – 16:00 | tel. 0861 819 919

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November 2023 Exam: List of Prescribed Literature | DCF 0006/2022

NSC November 2023 Examination Timetable

Registration: November 2023 NSC examination
  • Applications for the NSC November 2023 exam are closed.

The Nov 2023 NSC examination is open to ONLY NSC Part time Repeater candidates who:

  • Were registered and/or wrote June 2023 NSC examination qualify.
  • Wrote the NSC Examination from 2008 - 2022.
  • No applications for new subjects is allowed; must have a valid SBA mark for the subject(s).

Registration for November 2023 NSC Part-time candidates: 7 – 21 August 2023.

Release of Results: 20 January 2024 at 11h00.

Remark|Recheck application period: 20 January – 2 February 2024 (NO hard copies, only online applications accepted.)

  1. Ensure that all names as per your identity document are included on the statement of results.
  2. Check that your name(s) and surname are spelled correctly.
  3. Check that the correct date of birth/identity number is printed on the results.

Please note: Administrative errors like these can be rectified within three months after the results have been released.

If there are any errors on the results, contact the WCED via email (clearly specify error to be rectified) at or Tel: 0861 819 919.

The documents below are required and should be attached to email request:

  • Current statement of results
  • Certified copy of the identity document
  • Updated affidavit stating reason for the difference between the identity document and the information on the Statement of Results
  • Specify the error to be rectified
  • Complete the reissuing application form.
Opening date: 20 January 2024
Closing date: 2 February 2024

Refunding of Remark Application Fee(s)

The remark application fee will ONLY be refunded when there is an improvement in the level of a subject/s as a result of the remark.

Level system:

Level 7: 80 – 100%
Level 6: 70 – 79%
Level 5: 60 – 69%
Level 4: 50 – 59%
Level 3: 40 – 49%

For example:

  • original mark 52% – improved mark after remarking 59% (NO REFUND)
  • original mark 52% – improved mark after remarking 60% or more (QUALIFIES FOR REFUND)

For any refund applications and/or queries you MUST:

Payment | Fees

Remarking: R116 (per subject)
Rechecking: R29 (per subject)
Viewing of scripts (only after remarking and rechecking): R220 (per subject & non-refundable)

Payments can be made by EFT or at a Nedbank branch into the following account:

WCED Banking Details

Who qualifies?
  1. Candidates may apply for the remarking or rechecking of their scripts if they feel that the marks allocated on the written papers are not a true reflection of their performance.
  2. A remark means that the original answer script is marked for a second time by a marker.
  3. A recheck of your script is a further check to ensure that all questions are duly marked and that all marks are correctly calculated.
  4. For remark enquiries, please contact:
    2. Tel.: 0861 819 919
    3. Tel.: 021 467 2980
    4. Tel.: 021 467 2988
What is an application for a viewing?
  1. Once you have received your results, AFTER remarking and rechecking, you may apply to view your answer scripts.
  2. Apply to with proof of payment to view your answer scripts.

There are four pass levels:
  1. Higher certificate
  2. Diploma
  3. Bachelor’s degree pass (previously known as an exemption)
  4. NSC examination certificates – Special Needs Education (SNE) pass

The matric pass requirements for each of these levels are as follows:

Higher certificate pass requirements
  1. Must obtain at least 40% in Home Language
  2. Must obtain at least 40% in three subjects
  3. Must obtain at least 30% in three other subjects
  4. Must pass at least six out of seven subjects
Diploma pass requirements
  1. Must obtain at least 40% in Home Language
  2. Must obtain at least 40% in three other subjects, excluding Life Orientation
  3. Must pass at least six out of seven subjects

With this pass requirement, you can apply to study for a diploma at a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college or university of technology.

Bachelor’s degree pass requirements
  1. Must obtain at least 40% in Home Language
  2. Must obtain at least 50% in four subjects, excluding Life Orientation
  3. Must obtain at least 30% in one other subject
  4. Must pass at least six out of seven subjects
SNE pass requirements

Will obtain an NSC with an endorsement if learners comply with the following promotion requirements:

  1. 30% in the required official language at either Home Language or First Additional Language level
  2. A minimum of 30% in four other subjects

Please note: Candidates who offer a minimum of five subjects for the NSC with an endorsement must achieve at least 30% in all five subjects to obtain the NSC SNE endorsed certificate.

NB: All subjects, excluding Life Orientation, will be taken into consideration for Diploma/Bachelor’s degree pass requirements.

Candidates who failed to achieve a Diploma or Bachelor’s pass status in their current examination sitting, can improve their pass status if they register and write the NSC June 2023 examination. Improved results can lead to a change in their pass status and a new certificate can be issued by Umalusi.

With achieving a Bachelor's degree pass status, you can apply to study towards a degree at a university, university of technology, TVET college or any accredited higher learning institution.

Level system: What the grades mean
  1. Level 7: 80–100% (Outstanding achievement)
  2. Level 6: 70–79% (Meritorious achievement)
  3. Level 5: 60–69% (Substantial achievement)
  4. Level 4: 50–59% (Moderate achievement)
  5. Level 3: 40–49% (Adequate achievement)
Which subjects are compulsory?
  1. Home Language
  2. First Additional Language
  3. Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy or Technical Mathematics
  4. Life Orientation

You have to offer your language of learning and teaching (either English or Afrikaans) as one of your language subjects.

All School-Based Assessment (SBA) marks achieved since 2008 are valid.

Learners with valid SBA only need to rewrite the written papers.

Learners offering new NSC subjects must complete the SBA and can only register for the November 2023 NSC examination.