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eLearning Cyber Wellness

Guidelines on e-Safety in schools: Educating towards responsible, and ethical use of ICT in education

eLearning Minute: DEL 0004|2018: English Afrikaans IsiXhosa Annexure

Guidelines on Cellular phones and other mobile technologies in public schools

eLearning Minute: DEL 0005|2018:

English Afrikaans IsiXhosa

Annexure Bylae IsiHlomelo

eLearning Minute: DEL 0002|2021:

English Afrikaans IsiXhosa


Guidelines on Social Media and Networking in Public Schools

WCED Circular 0011|2017 Annexure

Film and Publication Board (FPB)

FPB Educator's Manual: Online Safety for Children

Cyber Safety Awareness Workbooks and Guides



Children's Edition

Microsoft ®

Internet Safety Guidelines for Teachers

Online Safety


Be Internet Awesome