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May 2011  (size: 656 KB)
In this issue:  Recapping the Curriculum Revision and Implementation Process
Subjects in the curriculum
Caps Consultation and Public Comment Processes
Reflections on the process of writing a new Curriculum And Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS)
Orientation to prepare system for CAPS
LTSM Processes
Annual National Assessments a valuable tool in the hands of teachers

May 2010  (size: 292 KB)
In this issue:  Improving Curriculum Implementation: Update
National Assessments including:
Common Tasks for Assessment (CTAs)
Annual National Assessments Grades 3 and Grade 6 in 2010
Clarification of Promotion and Progression Requirements for Grades 1-9 in 2010
Frequently Asked Questions
Reminder to Principals and Grade 12 Teachers of Maths and Phyiscal Sciences

December 2009  (size: 246 KB)
In this issue:  Planning for 2010 and beyond

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