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4 December, 2002

WCED revises teacher allocations for 2003

Statement by André Gaum, Western Cape Education Minister

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has revised its allocation of posts to schools in 2003, thanks to additional funding from the province.

With the aid of these funds we are glad to report that we can save 458 posts which will be utilised in public ordinary schools.

According to the national model (for distribution of posts between schools) schools are divided into 5 quintiles, from poorest to least poor. We plan to distribute the additional 458 posts according to the following criteria:

  • 382 posts to our schools in the 4 poorest quintiles, to ensure that learner: educator ratios are not more that 33:1 and 39:1 in high and primary schools (in these 4 quintiles) respectively. Without assistance from the state these schools would not have been able to reach the 33:1 - 39:1 learner/educator ratios.

  • 27 posts to combined schools (Grades 1 – 12), to ensure that they have at least six teaching posts for the secondary school phase, as has been the acceptable norms thus far. These schools include schools from the least poor quintile as well.

  • 49 posts to least poor schools (as prescribed by the model), giving priority to the most needy of these schools, but by not placing them in a better position than a ratio of 33:1 or 39:1. As far as state funded posts are concerned, schools in the least poor quintile are not much worse off than 33:1 - 39:1. Ideally, we would have wanted to ensure a 33:1 - 39:1 ratio as far as all these schools are concerned as well. That would have required a further 100 posts that we simply cannot afford.

As has always been the case, no school will be compensated for posts that they loose due to a reduction in learner numbers.

As the national model aims to redistribute posts so as to achieve poverty redress, some sacrifices will still have to made.

The allocation of these additional posts is a sincere effort by the WCED to bring about significant relief for as many schools as possible.

Educators might still have to be declared in excess round about the middle of next year, will only be declared so to facilitate matching and placement. These important actions to bring about significant relief, will also achieve greater stability.

I cherish the important role played by our educators to ensure quality education for all. They have my full support and I call on them to take the WCED's hand and keep up their excellent work, amidst trying and changing circumstances. I will keep on fighting for them, as they are our education department's most valuable assets.

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