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Friday, 16 August, 2002

Robbers injure teacher in shooting incident

Statement by André Gaum, Western Cape Education Minister

I am saddened to hear of a shooting incident in which one of our teachers was injured following a robbery near Emitine Primary School in Khayelitsha this morning.

On behalf of the WCED, I extend our sincere wishes for Mr Crosby Tengana’s speedy and full recovery.

Officials of my department have kept me fully informed of the incident. I am currently visiting the United States to discuss partnerships and funding for strategic projects of the Western Cape Education Department.

According to our reports, four youths approached Ms Sezeka Valashiya, a teacher at Emitine Primary, while she on on her way to work about 07h20. One of the youths had a firearm, while another had a knife.

They threatened her with the firearm and demanded that she open her handbag, from which they took her cellphone and about R25 in cash before running away.

Ms Valashiya reported the robbery to her principal, Mr Dumisani Makhoba. Ms Valashiya and Mr Makhoba then set out to look for the robbers in his car. They spotted two of the robbers outside a nearby high school.

Mr Makhoba got out of the car to approach the youths. At that moment, another teacher from Emitine, Mr Crosby Tengana, approached the youths after being told about the robbery.

A youth with a firearm fired about 10 shots, four of which hit Mr Tengana. Mr Makhoba was not injured.

Mr Tengana was admitted to the Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Pinelands where he underwent surgery this afternoon. His condition was described as stable.

South African Police Services are investigating.

Senior officials of the Metropole East district office of the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) visited the school this morning to investigate the incident and to express their sympathies. The department trauma arranged counseling for the staff and learners.

Emitine Primary is an active member of our Safe Schools programme, as it falls in a high risk area. The WCED has allocated over R100 000 to the school via the programme to improve security at the school.

The Safety Coordinator for the Eastern Metropole EMCD will visit the school on Monday to investigate what further can be done to enhance safety at Emitine.

Our Safe Schools Co-ordinator, Nariman Khan, facilitate discussions with the SAPS on safety issues during the week ahead. Options include placing a police reservist at the school while staff and learners are arriving or leaving the school.

The Western Cape Education Department is taking every measure possible to assist the school in dealing with this traumatic event and will continue to assist the school wherever possible.

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