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Wednesday, 24 July, 2002

Province plans festival to celebrate learning

Statement by André Gaum, Western Cape Education Minister

The Western Cape Government has launched an eight-week, "Learning Cape" Festival in August and September to celebrate learning and to highlight the importance of life-long learning by all citizens.

We will also use the opportunity to celebrate the excellent work being done to improve education and training in the province, and to draw attention to the work that remains to be done to ensure effective education for all.

The Western Cape Government has identified four pillars on which we build the economy of the province for the 21st century.

These key pillars are:

  1. The Learning Cape.
  2. The International Cape.
  3. The Enterprising Cape.
  4. The Cape of Good Hope for All.

An effective education system is obviously essential if we are to become the "Learning Cape".

The Western Cape Government will do everything in its power to foster education, training and life-long learning in the province, and is therefore launching the "Learning Cape Festival", which will take place from 8 August to 8 September 2002.

The key themes of the festival are that:

  • Life-long learning is for everyone;
  • Learning is Fun!; and that
  • Learning is necessary for jobs and social empowerment.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has given the festival its full support, given our special responsibility to provide effective education in the province.

We can only ensure a Cape of Good Hope for All if we provide education that will enable all children of this province to realise their potential, and that is capable of producing citizens who can contribute to the development of the Western Cape and the country.

The WCED will organise a wide range of activities during the festival to draw attention to the latest developments in primary and secondary education in the province. Special events will include the following:

2 August:Learning Cape Festival Launch
1 September:Focus on Further Education and Training. This will include open days and an update on the latest developments in FET.
4 September:Opening of Institute for In-service Teacher Development. This is a major intervention to improve teaching skills in the province.
13 August:Khanya celebration and launch of new WCED magazine, ‘Khanya - Technology through Education’. We will look at achievements to date on Khanya, and future prospects.
31 August:Adult Basic Education and Training Awards. These will be achievement awards for both learners and teachers.
31 August –
  9 September:  
Adult Learners’ Week. This will focus mainly around open days at Adult Learning Centres.

Other activities will include the following:

  • Open Days at 20 Khanya schools. These will provide insights into how Khanya is making a difference to curriculum delivery using the latest in information technology.
  • The announcement of a new Mathematics and Science Strategy in the province. This will be a major strategy aimed at improving mathematics and science results across the province.
  • Special functions at Community Learning Centres. Open days and demonstrations on the skills development and educational activities of these centres.
  • Open days at multi-grade schools in rural areas. We have launched a major project to support rural schools running multi-grade classes. The open days will explain this support.

To some extent, the Western Cape is already the "Learning Cape". Our record to date has shown that the Western Cape has the potential of becoming an important centre for the knowledge economy of the 21st century.

This is reflected in the matric results of our schools and the achievements of our universities and technikons in teaching, learning and research.

Unfortunately, we have much to do before we can feel satisfied that the broad mass of our people are benefiting from this education. We have a long way to go before the "Learning Cape" becomes the "Cape of Good Hope for All".

The Learning Cape Festival will acknowledge the excellent work that is already being done in education and training in the Western Cape, while also drawing attention to what remains to be done to earn our place as "The Learning Cape".

Enquiries: André Gaum,   082-550-3938

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