1. You are referred to Budget Management Minute 0001/2006, dated 6 September 2006, under cover of which the second edition (2006) of the manual, Basic Financial System for Schools, was issued on a CD.
2. The manual, first issued under cover of Circular 0039/2000, dated 8 May 2000, has been brought in line with the latest legislation and best practices.
3. The CD was officially launched by the Provincial Minister of Education, Mr Cameron Dugmore, on 12 September 2006 and was provided to all schools, via the relevant EMDCs.
4. The printed version of the revised manual will be available for distribution to schools during February 2007. The Xhosa version will be available later in year. Each EMDC is again responsible for the distribution of the manual to the public schools in its district.
5. The following are once again brought to your attention:
5.1 The manual is issued in terms of Section 37(1) of the South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act no. 84 of 1996), which prescribes that a governing body of a school must establish and administer a school fund in accordance with directions issued by the Head of the Department. It is expected of schools and governing bodies to abide by the directives and guidelines contained in the manual. The manual describes only the minimum requirements.
5.2 Schools are also requested to regularly submit to their EMDCs recommendations regarding best practice and proposed improvements to the manual.
5.3 Teams have been established at all the EMDCs to provide, free of charge, support and training in the procedures outlined in the manual. Therefore, before seeking assistance from outside parties, schools are advised to first approach their EMDC for such assistance.
6. You are kindly requested to bring this minute to the attention of all concerned.

DATE: 2007:02:14

The documents on CD, referred to in this Minute, were sent to schools.