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1. The Cape Teaching & Leadership Institute (CTLI) will be offering the courses, conferences, seminars listed in Annexures A, B, C, D and E to principals, deputy principals, departmental heads and teachers during school terms and school holidays in 2011.
2. District officials must nominate teachers to attend CTLI training courses and the district director must sign the nominations before they are submitted to the CTLI. Educators interested in attending these courses are strongly advised to register, via their education district officials. (See Annexure F for the contact details of district officials). Under no circumstances should schools send nominations for training courses directly to the CTLI.
3. Registration for conferences and seminars must be done directly with the CTLI.
4. Substitute teachers will be employed by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) in place of teachers attending CTLI courses during school terms, provided that

  • there is no teacher in excess at the school;
  • the substitute teacher is not a teacher paid by the governing body; and
  • the substitute teacher is not already substituting for another teacher.
5. It is the responsibility of the school to find and nominate a suitable substitute for a teacher attending a course.
6. Courses are repeated a number of times during the year to enable teachers to select courses offered during times when they can attend a full course.
7. Only 50 teachers can be registered for each course. These teachers will be drawn from all 8 education districts. This means that only a limited number of teachers can attend a course at any given time.
8. Nominations from district offices for courses to be presented in the first term of 2011 must reach the CTLI by 3 December 2010.
9. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact any of the following CTLI officials:

Nobantu Pasiya
André Lamprecht
Magdalena Benn
Keith Scheepers
tel. 021 900 5022 OR
tel. 021 900 5020 OR
tel. 021 900 5016 OR
tel. 021 900 5001 OR
10. Kindly bring the content of this minute to the attention of all teachers.

DATE: 2010:11:17

Annexure A: Foundation phase programme courses  (size: 10 KB)
Annexure B: Intermediate phase programme courses  (size: 15 KB)
Annexure C: Senior phase programme courses  (size: 9 KB)
Annexure D: School management programme courses  (size: 10 KB)
Annexure E: Conferences and seminars 2011  (size: 30 KB)
Annexure F: CTLI Co-ordinators in the Districts  (size: 24 KB) Click to close and return to previous page