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Supplementary Examinations

Deadline for applications: 31 January 2020

Who qualifies?

Only candidates who were registered for and wrote the November 2019 NSC examination

2019 Grade 12 learners may register to write the examination if:

  • they failed to meet the requirements in the November examination;
  • they passed but seek to improve their performance; or
  • they were absent from the writing of one or more question papers due to ill-health or other unforeseen circumstances.

How do I apply and submit my application?

Application forms are available at high schools, district and provincial education offices or can be downloaded here:

NSC June 2020 Examination Registration form

Application forms may be dropped off at the Education District Office closest to the learner.

Registration enquiries:

Tutoring Programme (Second Chance Matric Support Programme)

The aim of the Second Chance Matric Support Programme is to provide extra support to those wishing to either upgrade or complete their matric qualification.

The programme will provide free tutoring to learners who will be writing:

  • Supplementary examination, which since 2019 onwards will be written in May/June;
  • The Multiple Exam Opportunities (MEOs) NSC option (Progressed learners) in June;
  • The Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) in June until 2020; and
  • The NSC, as part-time candidates in November

The tutoring will cover the following subjects:

Accounting | Agricultural Science | Business Studies | Economics | English FAL | Geography | History | Life Science | Mathematics | Mathematical Literacy | Physical Science | Support of the 12 Home Languages, including SASL

Master teachers will provide face-to-face tutoring at selected venues. Candidates will also have access to Mindset Broadcast lessons via HD OpenView at specified broadcast centres.

The face-face-classes will use Mind the Gap study material in eight of the 11 subjects (except Agricultural Science, Business Studies and History), in addition to past question papers and study guides.

There are NO COSTS. All tuition is offered for free.

Education District Coordinators can provide details on when lessons will start. The table below provides their contact details and information on the Centres in each of the Education Districts.

Second chance matric 2020 info pamphlet