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Wynberg GJS Integrates learning in Physical Education

Wynberg GJS Integrates learning in Physical Education

30 September 2021

September is heart awareness month in South Africa and Wynberg Girls Junior School (WGJS) created a month of Physical Education (PE) lessons to integrate the awareness campaign into regular school life.

The school’s sports department created a PE lesson which focussed on an obstacle course made into a giant heart muscle. The learners navigated the obstacle course as if they were oxygen cells – learning how blood and oxygen flow through the body and the heart. The lesson was conducted for all grades – from Grade R to Grade 7 – and the learners thoroughly enjoyed taking an active role in learning how important this muscle is.

Katelynn Langdon, Head of Sport, explained that PE appeals to the different learning styles and made it easier for learners to grasp concepts.

“PE is naturally known as the fun, more relaxed subject and I find that integrating the subjects in PE makes it a bit easier for them because they are more relaxed. So even if we bring in Maths for example, the children who are anxious in a Maths class because they don’t necessarily feel that they are good at it, when they come to PE, because they are naturally more relaxed, they are more receptive to getting the things and understanding the concepts.”

This integrated learning approach to Physical Education is an innovative move and one which WGJS hopes to continue long into the future as we build on 21st century learning and future proofing our learners.

The school made a video of the experience – please take a moment to watch it here: https://youtu.be/tv_5Baaxdv8.