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Windsor High School learners’ act of kindness has ripple effect

Windsor High School learners’ act of kindness has ripple effect

17 September 2020

A single act of kindness by the Grade 12Q class of Windsor High School in Lansdowne will have a long lasting positive effect on others, including their classmate and original beneficiary, Tasreeq Doovey.

Doovey’s classmates presented him with a cellphone to replace the one that was stolen when he fainted on his way home from school on a Monday. Doovey was exhausted after working the weekend, writing a test in the morning and attending classes the whole day without eating.

His parents are unemployed and the 17-year old works part-time to support the family financially.

Roxanne Carter, the mother of one of the learners started a crowdfunding campaign to help ease the financial pressure on Doovey.

“The aim is to raise enough money to sustain the household without him having to work weekends until he has completed his final matric exam. The impact of donations is that he won't have to work weekends to provide for his family and can only focus on his final few months of school,” Carter wrote on the BackaBuddy online fundraising platform.

To date, more than a R100 000 has been contributed with many donors saying that Doovey and his classmates are an inspiration and an example to follow.

Auto-X, through their Willard and Sabat batteries bursary fund, also offered to pay for Doovey’s first year of tertiary studies to become a teacher.

“We are extremely proud of the kindness that his classmates have shown him. During these difficult times, we, the staff of Windsor High School made a commitment to focus on the value of caring for ourselves as individuals, caring for each other as a staff and extending this to show extra care to our learners. We agreed that by focusing on caring for each other we would become more resilient during Covid-19,” Dianne Morgan, Principal of Windsor High, said.

“Kindness is based on respect and love. These values are instilled at home and are nurtured at the school. We acknowledge our young people for the kindness that they have spread during this challenging time.”