WCED staff spread cheer on Mandela Day | Western Cape Education Department
WCED staff spread cheer on Mandela Day

WCED staff spread cheer on Mandela Day

25 July 2019

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) employees came out in numbers on Mandela Day to spread cheer and goodwill in wide-ranging ways.

The General Education and Training (GET) Curriculum Directorate engaged in a Madiba Reading Run at three schools across the Province.

The team distributed readers, donated by Oxford University Press, to learners at Holy Cross RC Primary in Cape Town, Groenberg Secondary in Grabouw and Erika Primary in Mossel Bay. Stories were read and performed at the schools.

A team from the Directorate: Knowledge and Information Management joined a City of Cape Town initiative to impact the lives of homeless people. The team served soup and bread at the Culumborg Safe Space for street people.

The sub-directorate Knowledge Management decided to spend 67 minutes with the children of The Homestead shelter. The staff handed out goodie bags, sausage rolls and soft drinks.

WCED staff spread cheer on Mandela Day3

The Management and Governance Component at the Metro North District office gave the feeding scheme kitchen at Meulenhof Primary School a mini makeover. For some learners, the two meals they receive at school are their only food for the day. The team wanted the volunteers who cook for the learners to come into a bright and colourful kitchen to let them know that they are appreciated.

Officials from the Metro South District Office handed out ‘blessing bags’ to learners at eight schools.  The gratitude from the recipients was overwhelming and the team will be working towards an even bigger campaign in 2020.

These are only a small selection of the Mandela Day initiatives by WCED staff and we commend everyone for their contribution to better the lives of others.

WCED staff spread cheer on Mandela Day2