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Vaccination Drive at Good Hope Seminary

Vaccination Drive at Good Hope Seminary

26 August 2021

Grade 12 learners at Good Hope Seminary High School were first in line to get vaccinated on Friday, 20 August 2021 when the 18 to 34-year-old age cohort became eligible to register and get vaccinated against Covid-19.

By Wednesday, 25 August 2021, 13 of the school’s 48 eligible matric learners have been vaccinated and Principal Leon Linz expressed the hope that the impetus will grow.

Sinovuyo Gcaka said she believed that vaccination was the right thing to do for her and for the country. “I believe that the youth should vaccinate because you are the future. It is simply the best thing to do during these times. I am proud to have been the very first Grade 12 learner at Good Hope Seminary High School to register and be vaccinated on the first day this was open to all over 18’s.”

Ayanda Sam said she wanted to reduce her chances of getting or spreading the virus. “I am tired of Covid. I just want it to end. And by being vaccinated I am playing my part in helping end the spread. The moment you take responsibility for anything in your life is the moment you change things. And taking the vaccination is an important step in that direction.”

Fellow matric learner Xolisa Waqu was motivated by her ambitions. “I want to live and grow because I have so much to do with my life. I have dreams that I want to see become a success. So much to do. And I am not going to let Covid take that away from me. My future is my life and being vaccinated means that I stand a far better chance of living it.”

Khanyisile Gomba said she wanted to be a role model by getting vaccinated. “I want to be confident about the state of my health and being vaccinated was the only sensible choice for me. Being vaccinated is an extra layer of security and that is important to both me and others I am in contact with. I wanted to be an example to others too. There is so much nonsense out there about being vaccinated and I wanted to show that young people like me are making sensible decisions about their health. Being vaccinated is about giving hope.”

Some wise and sensible words by our young, now vaccinated, matriculants!

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