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Touwsranten Primary School: changing mindsets through e-learning

Touwsranten Primary School: changing mindsets through e-learning

Touwsranten Primary School, a no-fee school in Hoekwil in George, is one of 16 Model schools benefitting from the e-learning game changer. All 13 classrooms at the school were converted into SMART classrooms, linked to the WAN and the LAN, and capacitated with mobile technology comprising a laptop for the teacher, a data projector, and other technological devices for teaching and learning.

These new ICT tools have allowed for interactive and collaborative learning in the classroom. It has also allowed for differentiated teaching and personalized learning to take place so stronger learners are challenged, while learners with barriers are able to learn at different levels.

eLearning has also changed the mindsets of the teachers at the school and has fundamentally altered the way the learners understand content. It has also changed the way they engage in, and contribute to, the teaching and learning process. As a direct result, learning has become more enjoyable.

eLearning has also streamlined internal systems at the school and made administration tasks more efficient, which leaves more time for teachers to prepare and create lessons for learners.

The visible impact on learners has also inspired teachers to learn more about using technology in their classrooms.

A former Grade 1 teacher at the school, Mariëtte Vorster was also recognised as South Africa's top eLearning teacher, receiving the National Teaching Award for Excellence in technology enhanced Teaching and Learning in 2018.

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Here is some of the learners and teachers opinions about e-learning at the school:

"School has never been as enjoyable as now. I am exited every day to come to school because I know I'm going to learn and discover many new things. I especially enjoy doing research for my tasks and talking about it afterwards. Maths games are my favourite." Lizelle Nqola, Grade 6A

"I have a positive attitude towards technology because it is reality. eLearning has a definite influence on learner performance and positive classroom discipline. I spend more time on teaching and my time-on-task has improved. My learners are much more involved in my lessons. The various applications, games, etc. are worth gold. I also learned that learners love colour, sound and movement. E-learning is here to stay and definitely develops learners' skills such as communication, critical thinking and creativity." Me. Liesle Barendse, Grade 4 teacher.

“The excitement has never dwindled. We have been waiting for these changes because we believe in it. Change needs to happen. Without it we cannot move forward, I believe that. In the future, we will further develop e-Learning at our school and that all our learners will truly benefit from this in all aspects of their lives.”Mr Robert Draai, Principal.

The eLearning Game Changer aims to enhance the teaching and learning experience of Western Cape learners, predominantly in maths and languages, through the use of technology.

The Western Cape Government has invested over R1.4 billion in eLearning over the past 5 years, connecting 1 245 schools to high-speed broadband. The WCED has refreshed 1 160 computer SLIM Labs and delivered over 28 870 devices and created an online portal with 11 000 resources. We have also trained teachers to a point where 70% are proficient at eTeaching.

To find out more about e-learning, as well as, training, technical support, and tools for classroom learning, please visit our e-learning page