Teachers matter! | Western Cape Education Department
Teachers matter!

Teachers matter!

Head of education in the Western Cape Brian Schreuder paid tribute to the excellent teachers in the province and said the Western Cape Education Department's achievements are largely due to the dedicated educators.

Schreuder was speaking at an education conference hosted by the WCED.

He said the department wants to move from being good to being great and can't rest while there are still learners who are not receiving quality education in every classroom in every school in the province.

"Education is all about the learner and teachers are our most valuable resource."

Schreuder added that one if the ways to leapfrog the inequality gap was through the department's eLearning and Transform to Perform strategies.

He announced a greater focus on arts education; agricultural subjects and coding and said the department was moving from STEM to STEAM to STEAMAC.

The department was hoping to this approach would draw learners into the classroom and would help to make learning fun.