T2P sets education landscape ablaze | Western Cape Education Department
T2P sets education landscape ablaze

T2P sets education landscape ablaze

1 August 2019

Keith de Wet, Metro East Education District’s lead Transform to Perform (T2P) champion, is fired up when talking about the strategy which is aimed at promoting a values-driven organisation to positively impact on motivation levels and mindsets of officials, teachers and learners.

The Western Cape Education Department’s (WCED) T2P Strategic Framework includes four pillars, namely, Leadership Development, Values in Education, Change Mindset and Growth Mindset.

On Saturday, 20 July 2019, Kuils River Primary School played host to two highly successful sessions of the district’s roll out of the values pillar of the T2P strategy.

De Wet and his co-district T2P champion Olivia Rustin took charge of facilitating both sessions that saw more than 230 members of School Change Teams (SCTs) trained. He said their success lies in the support of other district champions and officials who instantly recognised the value, potential and promise that the strategy holds for school communities.  He added that the response to the training was overwhelmingly positive.

“Our people can see the tremendous potential that this training holds for their schools and indicated that they cannot wait to get back to their schools to try some of the stuff we highlighted and worked through today! As we speak, I’m getting e-mails of trainees who were here today, telling me how impressed they were… Next week and the week thereafter we are doing it all again,” he said with an infectiousness in his voice.

“The same goes for Growth Mindset! I’m telling you, we believe in this and it’s long overdue… it’s like an unstoppable veld fire!”

T2P sets education landscape ablaze2