New junior traffic training centre at Metro North | Western Cape Education Department
New junior traffic training centre at Metro North

New junior traffic training centre at Metro North

16 May 2019

Recently a new junior traffic training centre (JTTC) was launched at the Metro North Education District. JTTCs are small-scale simulated road environments where primary school learners can learn good road safety habits in a fun and colourful learning environment.

The joint initiative by the Department of Transport and Public Works Road Safety Management (RSM) directorate and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) aims to raise awareness of road hazards and the importance of good road safety habits among a variety of target audiences.

Every day, thousands of learners across the Province walk to school. Therefore, the centre aims to target primary school learners who are particularly vulnerable on the roads. Learning good safety habits at an early age will provide a lifetime of benefit.

RSM officials Nokuzola Letselebe and Jean Carlo Ongansie, and MNED’s David Leonard painted the road markings with the assistance of interns Khalib Hendricks, Timothy James and Brendon Steenberg.

Ms Letselebe said any school or community that wants a JTTC can lodge a request with RSM. The requesting school or community must provide a cement or tarmac slab. If the request can be accommodated within the current budget, RSM will approve the request, and provide the paint for the road markings as well as miniature road signs for JTTC learning environment. She added that the Metro North JTCC will help children to learn good road safety habits, and show other schools and communities what difference such a centre can make.

In the 2018/19 financial year, RSM established JTTCs in Mossel Bay, George, Worcester, Ceres, Prince Albert, and the Cape Town Metropolitan area.

Well done to the RSM and MNED Team for the initiative!

New junior traffic training centre at Metro North2