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Metro East and Metro South tackle bullying

Metro East and Metro South tackle bullying

22 May 2019

There are numerous anti-bullying campaigns at both district and school level.

Change, however, begins with the learner.

In Metro East, learners attended an anti-bullying conference organised by the Education Psychologists in the district. The conference focused on cyber-bullying and practical steps learners can take to protect themselves from falling prey to online bullying.

The conference was  attended by 412 learners and teachers from 43 high schools.

The high school learners pledged to be “upstanders” and put an end to bullying in their schools.

An “upstander” is the opposite of a bystander who witness bullying but doesn’t get involved.

Thembisa France, senior education psychologist, was delighted by the attendance of learners at the event, “I am amazed to see such a high number of learners attending an educational event on a Saturday.”

Lluwellyn Michaels, one of the organisers, said the learners were assertive and confident that they will take the anti-bullying skills to their peers and communities. “Everyone left with a better understanding of the values of tolerance and respect as well as what it means to be an upstander and not a bystander.”

Last week, the WCED Metro South District held an anti-bullying event at Fairmount Secondary school as part of their annual Anti- bullying week. The event was supported by Minister Debbie Schafer and radio DJ Carl Wastie, with the theme : “Choose respect.”

The event highlighted the effects of bullying on learners, as well as to draw attention to the fact that learners who film, post or distribute videos are also participating in the bullying.

Mr. Klassen, the principal, spoke to some of the learners after the event. They reportedly said that they were unaware of their role as bystanders and that the event increased their awareness.

Metro East and Metro South tackle bullying2