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Learners in the West Coast find their Career Path

Learners in the West Coast find their Career Path

19 September 2019

On the weekend of 2-3 August 2019, Vredenburg High School’s (VHS) hall was opened to learners from all over the West Coast for a Career Expo. In partnership with the West Coast Business Chamber (WCBC), they hosted a regional Career Expo to provide learners with more information regarding their future career path and to meet industry experts from multiple sectors, industries and businesses.

“We believe every learner should have the opportunity to explore all career options available to them in their immediate geographical locations so that they will be properly equipped to make informed decisions about what they would like to become one day.” said VHS & WCBC in a joint statement.

“We believe that it is important to expose learners to career opportunities from a young age so that they will know their strengths, weaknesses and interests in order to make the right career choices.”

Learners in the West Coast find their Career Path2

Businesses and trades from the private and public sector were invited to exhibit and to provide learners with information about their line of work, helping them navigate their potential and interest in pursuing it as a possible career path.

Businesses and trades/sectors that exhibited ranged from estate agents, accounting firms, beauty academies, chef schools, law enforcement departments, special forces, music academies, energy and engineering trades, hospitality businesses, healthcare services, military academies, tourism services, colleges, navy training, commercial diving services and many government departments, to name a few!

Businesses and trades in the area were also looking for learners to join their programmes/learnerships, making it the ideal opportunity for learners to meet potential employers.

“Learners really enjoyed being exposed to trades and to be able to make personal contact with industry experts. It really does bring a sense of encouragement that there are many opportunities available to them in and around the West Coast. We are truly happy about the success of the Expo,” said VHS and WCBC.

Some businesses offered prizes to learners: West Coast Chef School - a course to the value of R6000; EUSA - a computer course; Sunrise Energy – a two-hob gas stove and a gas bottle; and The West Coast Business Development Centre who will help two entrepreneurs start their businesses.

VHS and the WCBC wants to thank every exhibitor for their contribution to the Expo. VHS said, “The school is looking forward to seeing the rewards manifest in our beloved Western Cape for both learner and employer and we are looking forward to another successful Expo next year!”

“A special thanks to our media partners Radio West Coast, Bok Radio, Perron FM, and Die Weslander for their support.”

Learners in the West Coast find their Career Path3