Draft Regulations pertaining to the School Evaluations Authority out for comment

Draft Regulations pertaining to the School Evaluations Authority out for comment

One of the new provisions in the Western Cape Education Amendment Bill that was passed by the Western Cape Provincial Legislature in November 2019 provides for the creation of the School Evaluation Authority (SEA), that will independently evaluate schools and develop school evaluation reports, which will be published for parents and communities to know how well schools in their area are performing. The evaluations will provide an independent, external examination of school practices that includes a diagnosis of what should improve. It is based on gathering a range of evidence that is evaluated against a standard framework and takes full account of our policies and relevant legislation in areas such as diversity.

The purpose for SEA is therefore to raise standards and improve learning outcomes. It aims to drive school improvement through evaluating quality and practices in all schools (not just underperforming ones) and also identify and share focused and innovative local programmes that are in place to improve the quality of teaching and learning.
 The draft regulations outline:

  1. The procedures for the appointment of the Chief Evaluator
  2. The terms and conditions of employment of the Chief Evaluator
  3. Processes for filling of vacancies
  4. Removal from Office of Chief Evaluator
  5. Exercise of functions by the Chief Evaluator
  6. Preparation and publication of reports
  7. Submission of reports to Provincial Minister
  8. Operation of School Evaluations Authority

Any person or organisation wishing to comment on these draft regulations is requested to submit the comments on or before 18 March 2019.

You may post the comments to:
Adv. Lynn Coleridge-Zils
Western Cape Education Department
Private Bag X9114
Cape Town 8000;
Or email the comments to: