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Creative Arts Senior Phase Teacher Development

Creative Arts Senior Phase Teacher Development

10 July 2019

A group of 110 Grade 7 to 9 teachers from rural and urban districts attended a Senior Phase Creative Arts course in Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art during the June holidays at the CTLI.

The workshop rooms were buzzing with enthusiastic teachers who participated in activities aimed at developing specialised arts skills, knowledge and methodology.

The corridors of the CTLI were alive with the sounds of drumming, singing, dancing and drama performances. The Science Laboratory was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour, paint, pastels and vibrant art works.

There was no room for apathy or boredom – instead, teachers were fully absorbed and involved in the activities, excited to answer in the challenge to create original art works whilst focusing on creativity, collaboration, problem solving and above all, the develop all modes of communication, whether it is visual, oral, aural or kinaesthetic literacy.

With high levels of energy and endorphins that abound, teachers surprised themselves with the quality of art works they created! The learner-centred activities were mostly practical with a strong focus on developing language skills that are invariably enhanced through arts activities.

Creative Arts Senior Phase Teacher Development2

Teachers commented that they could not wait to return to class and implement the skills and knowledge they acquired during the course.  They enjoyed the strong focus on collaboration and sharing and ultimately left more enriched and ready to teach Creative Arts in a manner that is relevant to the Senior Phase learner.

Learners learn differently to the way their teachers learnt in the past. The course focused on creativity and how teachers can adapt and present lessons that learners will find exciting and enjoy while developing discreet skills and content in the four art subjects.

Teachers returned to their schools more confident, excited and eager to start implementing the new content and skills in Creative Arts.

This project was made possible through dynamic collaboration between the GET Curriculum Directorate, CTLI and Edumedia.

Please see following video clip highlighting the SP Creative Arts course.