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Comments from delegates

Comments from delegates

Clinton Spencer, Circuit Manager: “The conference was outstanding. It opens the door for development and different possible strategies.”

Leon Rutgers, Circuit Manager: “I enjoyed the conference and found the input by Andria Zafirakou very refreshing.”

Sidumo Mandla, Principal of Desmond Tutu HS in Paarl: “The conference was very good. I would like to see the presenters visiting areas throughout the province and engaging with teachers and officials at their schools. “

Sakeena Elloker, Acorn Education:” It was nice to see that the WCED is bringing people on the forefront of education here. It was good to see what is out there. I would like to suggest more sessions with champion teachers who managed to change the situation around at their schools.”

Alice Nadus, Learning Support Adviser: “ It was a very good start. I can see that we are moving forward. It would be great if in future, there could be more breakaway sessions. The conference should also be extended.”

Edward PS teacher, Novello Mack, self-described millennial teacher: “I am thankful for being here and have grown as a young millennial teacher. Please do it again and involve more millennial teachers!”

Brenda Elshove from the Polyoak Family Educational Foundation and Teachers Plus: “I want to thank the WCED for this conference.  It is a fantastic initiative and I love the way they are hearing everyone’s voices and getting input.”

Reverend Mark Klassens: “The conference helps teachers to know that they are not alone. I enjoyed hearing about the experiences of other teachers.”

Gizelle Simpson: “Great conference. I was inspired by our great keynotes and leaders and this makes me excited about the future of Education in our country. I also hope that I could inspire some! One step forward!”

Francois Lubbe, Circuit Manager: “After an inspirational #WCEDconference on #FutureFocus, I am ready to start a conversation in my circle of influence with teachers AND learners as well as other role players in a collaborative way.”