Brace yourselves…Admissions 2020 | Western Cape Education Department
Brace yourselves…Admissions 2020

Brace yourselves…Admissions 2020

6 June 2019

Parents and guardians who applied on the new WCED admissions website will now be able to check their admission application status at each school. Through the “track applications” page, parents can now see if their child’s admission applications for the 2020 school year have, or have not, been successful.

Of course this will illicit some reaction from parents, as many will be left disappointed with the outcome of their applications. The online system is trying to assist with this. Parents have been asked to go online and select and confirm the school that they wish their child to attend in 2020 by 12 July 2019. This will “free up” spaces at schools when parents decline spaces.

So the main aim up to 12 July 2019 is to get as many parents as possible to accept and decline places.

The phone lines are anticipated to ring off the hook over the next few days both at schools, districts and head office. Here are some options that can be communicated:

  • Parents who applied online should visit the admissions website: and select ‘Track Applications’ to confirm their preferred school for 2020.
  • Parents who cannot access the internet can hand in written confirmation of acceptance and/or decline at the various schools applied to where they have been successful. Schools will be able to upload this on the system as proof that the parent has confirmed.
  • Parents can also send an e-mail to: to confirm.
  • Parents can also call the following numbers to confirm: 021 467 2631  |  021 467 2760  |  021 467 2171

Alternatively, if parents are not successful with the above, they can whatsapp 067 973 3099 with their name and surname, cell number, learner name and surname, CEMIS number and school number (where applicable) and their school of choice according to their successful applications.

These numbers will NOT however deal with complaints or concerns over unsuccessful applications. It is for CONFIRMATION of acceptance only.

Parents having technical problems with the site are encouraged to use the following channels:

We hope that everyone involved in this process works together to make it less stressful for parents, who do not have places, and for schools who will be flooded with appeals on unsuccessful applications.

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