110m wheelchair pathway links learners’ home to her school | Western Cape Education Department
110m wheelchair pathway links learners’ home to her school

110m wheelchair pathway links learner’s home to her school

22 May 2019

In November 2018, a Grade 4 learner at Nebo Primary School, Kylea Fredericks, was wounded in a shooting in the area. 

She spent a few months in the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and the Lentegeur Rehabilitation Centre and is wheel-chair bound.  In March, Kylea was discharged and was eager to return to her school.

In order to make school accessible for Kylea, a 110m wheelchair pathway was built for Kylea. The pathway links up with the pavement that leads to her house down the road from the school. An accessible toilet was also built at the school during the first term and a ramp and a pathway were completed during the school holiday, in time for her return to school on the first day of the second term.

The initiative was a partnership between the WCED Metro North District, the school, the City of Cape Town and various support services.

110m wheelchair pathway links learners’ home to her school2

Principal Donovan Botha expressed his gratitude for the active role the Circuit Manager, Randall Southgate, played in liaising with the school and other parties. He said that the pathway has subsequently benefitted both parents and all other learners as it was a very sandy and muddy field.

Corola Petersen, the head of learner support in the Metro North Education District (MNED), said this was a true collaborative process with ISLES (Inclusive Specialised Learner Education Support) at MNED, the MNED, as well as external parties such as the City of Cape Town, Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre, Ravensmead Community Health Facility, the family and school.

ISLES MNED also requested assistance from the Inclusive Education Team based at Filia Special School to assist the District Therapist, Yasierah Adonis with all the scoping of the needs of the learner. All these were taken into account.

Petersen expressed gratitude to the Directorate: Inclusive and Specialised Learning and Education Support at Head Office under the Directorship of Berenice Daniels who made the funds available.  Petersen said they are already planning for when the learner has to go to high school to ensure that the facilities at her chosen school are accessible.

A true example of our Value : Caring!

Great initiative by all!