National Senior Certificate (NSC) Exams November 2020 | Western Cape Education Department
National Senior Certificate (NSC) Exams November 2020

2020 NSC Examination leaflet: English | Afrikaans | IsiXhosa

An official statement of results can be collected at schools|examination centres from Tuesday, 23 February 2021 at 12:00.

View or print a copy of your results from 23 February 2021 at 12:00.

Closing date for remarking and rechecking: 10 March 2021

Closing date for registration for NSC May|June 2021 examination: 31 March 2021.

Collection of 2020 NSC examination certificates at schools: July 2021

The Exams Helpline (021) 467 2300 will be available for a limited period from 23 February to 23 March 2021, on weekdays from 08h00 to 16h00 to assist candidates with result-related enquiries.

  1. Ensure that all names as per the identity document are included on the statement of results.
  2. Check that the name(s) and surname are spelled correctly.
  3. Check that the correct date of birth/identity number is printed on the results.

Please note: Administrative errors like these can be rectified within three months after the results have been released.

If there are any errors on the results, contact Head Office with the following documents:

  • The current statement of results;
  • A certified copy of the identity document;
  • An affidavit, declaring that you are the rightful owner of the statement of results;
  • Specify the error to be rectified; and
  • Complete the re-issuing application form.
Closing date: 10 March 2021 (Remarking, rechecking and viewing of scripts)

Examinations Administration Minute: 0014/2020

Candidates should note that the WCED ensured that quality markers were appointed and that rigorous moderation and checking of marking were conducted by Marking Management Teams and external bodies, after extensive training of markers. Remarking should not be expected to have a different result and should thus be advised only in critical cases.

Candidates can apply for the remark of their NSC November 2020 scripts online on
No hard copy applications for remarking will be accepted.

  • NB: There is no remarking for the Common Assessment Task for Life Orientation.
  • Please note that a new statement of results will only be issued if your subject results improve to a higher level or if your pass status changes.

Who qualifies?

  • Candidates may apply for the remarking or rechecking of their scripts if they feel that the marks allocated on the written papers are not a true reflection of their performance.
  • A remark means that the original answer script is marked for a second time by a marker.
  • A recheck of your script is a further check to ensure that all questions are duly marked and that all marks are correctly calculated.

What is an application for a viewing?

  • Once you have received your results, AFTER remarking and rechecking, you may apply to view your answer scripts.
  • Apply to, with proof of payment, to view your answer scripts.

Remarking = R120 (per subject)
Rechecking = R29 (per subject)
Viewing of scripts (only after remarking and rechecking) = R234 (non-refundable)

No-fee Schools

Candidates from no-fee schools are exempted from the payment of fees for remarking or rechecking. District Directors must assist deserving candidates at these schools to apply for remark and|or recheck where necessary.

Remarking fees paid for any subject will be refunded if, as a result of the remarking, the candidate passes a subject or subjects, which he or she initially failed, or if the candidate is awarded marks that improve the result in a subject by at least one level. Please note that the original marks of the candidate are retained if the remark result (marks) is lower than the marks on the Statement of Results.

Payments can be made by EFT or into the following Nedbank account at a Nedbank branch:



Account name:


Account type:

Current Account

Account number:

1452 045 089

Branch name:


Branch code:

145 209

Deposit reference:

15 + ID Number


The department will notify applicants by letter about the results of the re-marking or re-checking of scripts from 13 April 2021. Where applicable, an amended Statement of Results will be issued.

Candidates who apply for remarking/rechecking are advised to register for the supplementary examination in case there is no improvement in their results.

Candidates who failed to achieve a Diploma or Bachelor’s pass status in their current examination sitting, can improve their pass status if they register and write the NSC supplementary examination of May/June 2021.  Improved results can lead to a change in their pass status and a new certificate can be issued by Umalusi.

With achieving a Bachelor's degree pass status, you can apply to study towards a degree at a university, university of technology, TVET college or any accredited higher learning institution.

Level system: What the grades mean

  • Level 7: 80–100% (Outstanding achievement)
  • Level 6: 70–79% (Meritorious achievement)
  • Level 5: 60–69% (Substantial achievement)
  • Level 4: 50–59% (Moderate achievement)
  • Level 3: 40–49% (Adequate achievement)

Which subjects are compulsory?

  • Home Language
  • First Additional Language
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation

You have to offer your language of learning and teaching (either English or Afrikaans) as one of your language subjects.

All school-based assessment (SBA) marks achieved in 2020 are valid and learners repeating subjects, therefore, only need to rewrite the written papers.

Registration: May|June 2021 examination

Hard copy applications must be submitted by the closing date: 31 March 2021.

  • Candidates must complete their application forms at their schools.
  • A drop-off box will be available at each district office for the submission of completed NSC registration forms

May|June 2021 examination registration forms: NSC 2021 | SC(Adult) 2021


The June 2021 NSC supplementary examination is open to all candidates who wrote the 2020 NSC examination.

NB: An examination helpline is available for enquiries during the week from 07:30 to 16:00 at tel.  0861 92 33 22.