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Need technical support?

Password reset queries contact the District Office

Admission application queries: 0861 819 919

Still need to apply?

The online system is now closed.

If you still need help with an application, you can visit or contact your nearest District Office or your nearest school.

Successful application: What do you do next?

You can confirm your acceptance by logging into your profile, click on Track Application and click on the “Confirm” button.

Once you have confirmed your application online – you are then required to provide certified hard copy documents to the school that you have selected, within 7 days of acceptance.

The following certified documents will be required:

  • Birth certificate of the learner, a study permit issued by Dept. of Home Affairs in case of foreign learners or proof of application to the Dept. of Home Affairs.
  • Immunisation card (Road to Health Chart) of the learner (For PS applications).
  • The last official school Report Card / Results of the learner, if the learner has attended a school.
  • Proof of Residence (Rates account or an affidavit confirming residence)
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Unsuccessful applications

This is not the end of the admissions process. Parents must now confirm their final choice of school for 2024. For example: If a parent applied to 5 schools, the parent will make a final choice by 19 June as the learner can only go to 1 school. This means that 4 other places will open up. Once parents have confirmed and declined places, schools will fill these places.

You would need to write a letter/email to enquire from, ask for clarity, or motivate for the application to be reconsidered to the SGB of the school.

It is advisable to stay in touch with the school and request that the learner be placed on a waiting list as some places will still open as parents confirm.

If you do not get a place at ANY school, the WCED will assist you with placement.

However, please note that this will only happen towards the end of September, once all the places at schools have been filled and we can confirm which schools still have places available.

What is the process going forward? | Timelines

Parents must confirm acceptance of the placements at schools between 29 May and 19 June 2023.

In the case that the learner is accepted at more than one school and you, the parent/guardian, has not indicated your final decision and confirmed by 19 June 2023, the first school where the application was successful, as ranked by you, will be activated automatically. All other successful applications will be removed in order to resolve learners blocking places at schools.

After 19 June 2023, parents/guardians then only have three days to accept a place if they are offered one at a school.

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What does it mean by the “School is oversubscribed”?

Oversubscribed means that the school received more applications than they can accommodate for that grade.

A school can receive 300 applications for 100 spaces, and therefore 200 applications will be declined as they can only take 100 learners.

It is however advisable to stay in touch with the school and request that the learner be placed on a waiting list as some places will still open as parents confirm.

How can I appeal my unsuccessful application?

It is recommended that you first contact the school and request that they reconsider your application should any vacancies become available. Thousands of learners have been accepted into more than one school – which means that spaces will become available in the coming weeks and months.

If you feel that there has been any discrimination or a serious administrative error with your application, you may appeal to the Provincial Minister.

Send an email to edumin.edumin@westerncape.gov.za and explain why you think the school’s decision should be overturned.

Please attach the evidence or documents in support of your claim.