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Second Chance Matric Support Programme

The aim of the Second Chance Matric Support Programme is to provide extra support to those wishing to complete their matric.

The programme will provide free tutoring to learners who:

  • Have registered for the 2019 supplementary National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams

  • Have registered for the May/June exam for adult matric candidates, and

  • Repeater candidates who plan to register for the November 2019 NSC exams

The tutoring will cover the following subjects: Accounting, Agricultural Sciences, Business Studies, Economics, English FAL, Geography, History, Life Science, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, and Physical Science.

Master teachers will provide face-to-face tutoring at selected venues. Candidates will also have access to Mindset Broadcast lessons via HD OpenView at specified broadcast centres.

The face-face-classes will use Mind the Gap study material in eight of the 11 subjects, in addition to past question papers and study guides.

District coordinators can provide details on when lessons will start. The table below provides their contact details.

Click here for information on centres in your district.