Media Release
Minister of Education Donald Grant
Western Cape

5 December, 2012

Grant comments on 2012 ANA results.

Donald Grant, Western Cape Education Minister, replied as follows to requests from the media for comment on the results of the 2012 Annual National Assessments (ANAs):

The ANAs appear to reflect the situation identified by our own Grade 9 systemic tests.

The Grade 9 testing last year revealed a similar result.

We will shortly be receiving the results of the 2012 provincial systemic testing in Grade 3, 6, and 9 and together, with the ANAs, we will review where learners are struggling and what concepts they are failing to understand.

We will also be able to see which schools need further assistance. We will use the data contained in both these tests to deepen our mathematics strategy at schools.

This strategy was launched in May this year, which aims to increase participation rates in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, increase the numbers of those passing these subjects in Grade 12, as well as improve the quality of passes at Grade 12 in terms of improved average scores and/or numbers of learners achieving A, B and C symbols.

The strategy also aims to encourage schools to increase the number of Grade 10s taking mathematics and physical science.

The main focus areas of the strategy will be on teacher development and support, the provision of additional resources, and monitoring and evaluation.

The strategy is being rolled out into the system and schools in stages.

Dinaledi Schools (46) and Maths and Science Incentive Schools (24) have been targeted first.

Learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12 will be targeted.

The Dinaledi Schools and Maths and Science Incentive Schools will receive a number of immediate resources and interventions such as textbook top-ups, computers, software and maths and science kits.

They will also benefit from the refurbishing of ICT and science laboratories.

There is also a large training component of this programme.

Educators will be participating in various training programmes in specific content areas in mathematics and physical science. The content areas for next year will be determined through an analysis of performance in the 2012 examinations and the WCED systemic tests.

Other schools will also benefit in terms of additional resources in the outer years of this strategy and schools that reach individual targets will receive additional funding for the purchasing of extra resources for their school as an incentive.

In the next five years the WCED will be investing approximately R113 million in this strategy, with R12.4 million being budgeted for the current financial year.

We will also continue to focus on improving the numeracy levels in the foundation phase.

If we can improve learner understanding of mathematics and its concepts at an earlier stage then their results will improve as they move up the system. This is one of our goals as outlined in our ten year strategic plan.

This year, for the first time, learners in Grades 1 and 2 now have a mathematics textbook.

In the last Grade 3 and 6 WCED results, learner performance in Grade 3 and 6 numeracy improved or stabilized despite the even harder tests. We are expecting further improvements for this year.

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